Health Packs Plans: About what you’re covered for

Alpha, Omega
and Serenity plans

Do you cover treatments related to COVID-19?

Yes. All insured members are covered for treatment of COVID-19 until discharge from home or hospital for this acute event. Experimental or unproven treatment or drug therapy, including the prescription of vitamins, is not covered.
Do you cover COVID-19 treatments regardless of whether it’s a case of isolation or non-isolation?
All COVID-19 infections have to be treated in isolation either at home or in hospital.

Do you cover test for COVID-19?

Members who have symptoms of fever and cough and have consulted a doctor who prescribed a test are covered for virus detecting (PCR and Antigen) tests. Members who have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 are also covered. Provided that the test has been prescribed by a doctor and has been undertaken under medical supervision and in a medical environment. Home testing or over-the-counter testing kits are not covered. We’ll cover costs that are reasonable and customary.
Treatment for COVID-19 infection and any resulting complications is covered, within the limits of the policy. When you make your medical claim, please also send in the medical prescription which confirms the doctor’s suspicion that you have COVID-19 or close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Do you cover vaccination costs for COVID-19?

Yes we will cover the cost for vaccination against Covid-19, if it’s not offered for free (or is only partially sponsored) by the government of the country where you are resident. The vaccine must be fully developed (including passing all pre-licensure clinical trials). It must also be approved and licensed for use in the jurisdiction where it’s being requested and the cost must be reasonable and customary in that jurisdiction. We won’t cover any travel costs that may be incurred when using this benefit. Vaccination cover will be subject to local public health policies in terms of the allocation and prioritisation of access to vaccines.

If I go to hospital because of possible symptoms of the virus, is medical care covered?  

Yes, if you’ve been advised by a doctor to go to hospital, care in the hospital and in transit (i.e. in an ambulance if medically necessary) is covered.

Is telemedicine covered?  

Yes, including reasonable and customary cost of local medication delivery.

Are telehealth consultations covered?  

If you have an out-patient plan and benefit and in countries/regions where it is compliant with the local healthcare regulations, your out-patient Telehealth consultations will be covered during this emergency period, for example having a consultation via Skype or FaceTime.

Do you cover the cost of hand sanitizers and protective clothing?  

No, this is not covered.

If we’re in a country outside our area of cover and can’t travel due to the pandemic will you extend our emergency medical cover for the period where we can’t travel?  

Yes, to support our customers during this difficult time, emergency medical treatment outside of region of cover has been temporarily extended from six weeks to 150 days and our normal terms and conditions apply.

If I go travelling now that restrictions are lifting, am I covered for COVID-19?  

If the government in the country where you are currently, is allowing people to leave, and the government in the country you want to travel to is allowing people in, then you are covered if it’s within your region of cover. Our normal terms and conditions apply.

Does COVID-19 have an impact on medical evacuations e.g. government restrictions on normal evaluations?  

If the government in the country where you are currently, is allowing people to leave, and the government in the country you want to travel to is allowing people in, then you are covered if it’s within your region of cover. Our normal terms and conditions apply.
However, some local governments may prohibit international evacuations and insist on local treatment. This is outside of our control. If no nearby country will accept our evacuated customer, we will evacuate you to your home country.

Am I covered for medical evacuation for a non-COVID-19 condition, when access to treatment is not available locally because the medical facility is full or overcrowded?  

Yes. If you are covered for medical evacuations then this will be arranged if all of the points below apply:
You have a negative COVID-19 test result.
The local health authorities allow evacuation of non-infected persons.
The receiving country accepts the evacuation of non-infected persons.

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