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What is the Brexit Welcome in E.U plan ?

- Welcome in E.U is an insurance and assistance plan specially designed for U.K residents deciding to come and live in E.U in the event of sudden illness or accident while awaiting membership in all-round private health plans or social security schemes.

- Important : Welcome in E.U covers healthcare costs resulting from pandemics or epidemics (including Covid 19) - Cover valid throughout the Schengen Area.
- WARNING !!! Welcome in E.U only covers illnesses or accidents occurring unexpectedly during the chosen warranty period. This insurance does not cover any health history occurring before the start of the guarantee. Examinations, routine consultations, control or "check-ups" will therefore not be covered by this contract.
In all cases, we advise you to check the texts and conditions in force with the health funds and organizations in your country in order to verify your rights before subscribing.